“Inför vår Herre är vi alla smålänningar.” — Swedish proverb.

Composed by Vidar Lundbaeck 2007/08. Here played by the psalmodikon group “Psalmodikonisterna” in Hallaryd, Smalandia, Sweden.

Hat tip to Gisli Olsen, psalmodikon builder and player of Skogaby, Hallands Län (county), Sweden, who posted to Facebook today a piece that Vidar Lundbäck wrote several years ago for the psalmodikon. It’s a very simple, but lovely, piece. And Gisli, who has been experimenting with developing a keyed instrument similar to a Swedish nyckelharpa (keyed fiddle), likes to use it to demonstrate his experiments. Permalink to today’s post:

Vidar is the longtime music director at the Church of Sweden parish in Hallaryd, Älmhult Municipality, Kronoberg County, in the Småland district of southern Sweden. He composed the étude 10 years ago.

The YouTube video above is played in 3-part harmony (treble, or descant; melody; and bass) by a group calling itself the Psalmodikonisterna (which might translate into English as the “Psalmodikonsters”). It dates from a meeting in their 2007-2008 season.

A PDF file of sheet music (in standard notation and psalmodikon tablature in C) from a service at Vidar’s church in Hallaryd, in 2010 is available on line. The tablature numbers correspond to the frets, or steps, of the psalmodikon:

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 3.37.46 PM

Source: Psalmodikonträff i Hallaryds kyrka, Söndagen den 20 juni [2010]. http://inspire.accson.se/bilder/1329/62078.pdf.

The PDF file includes the order of service, in Swedish, for a Psalmodikonmässan (Mass or communion service for psalmodikon), and the following hymns (psalmer in Swedish) from the Svenska Psalmboken, or hymnal (SvPs), and secular tunes, including Vidar’s études and Ada’s “Summer Song” from the movie Emil i Lönneberga, a movie adaptation of the popular Astrid Lindgren novel set of that title set in Småland:

2-8 Psalmodikonmässan
9 SvPs 4, Hela världen fröjdes Herran
10 SvPs 231 Oändlig nåd
11 SvPs 248 Tryggare kan ingen vara
12 SvPs 71 Som spridda sädeskornen
13 SvPs 297 Härlig är jorden
14 SvPs 77: 3-5 Dagar komma, dagar flykta
15 SvPs 851 Kärlekens tid
16 Idas sommarvisa
17 Psalmodikonetyd nr 1
18 Psalmodikonetyd nr 2

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