HOGFIDDLE continues the blog I maintained at http://hogfiddle.blogspot.com/ from 2006 through November 2016, when I finally had it up to the keister with Blogger and decided it was time to move.

About Pete Ellertsen

I’m a retired English, journalism and cultural studies teacher at Springfield College in Illinois (acquired by Benedictine University and subsequently closed). I coordinate jam sessions for the “Clayville Pioneer Academy of Music” at Clayville Historic Site and the Prairieland Strings dulcimer club of Springfield, and I sing with the choir and the contemporary praise team at Peace Lutheran Church in Springfield. On HOGFIDDLE I post links and video clips for our sessions and workshops on the mountain dulcimer (a.k.a. “hog fiddle”), as well as research notes on folklore and cultural studies, hymnody and traditional Anglo-Celtic and Scandinavian music, especially the psalmodikon. I maintained the blog at http://hogfiddle.blogspot.com/ for 10 years and continue to archive it there, along with other blogs from my teaching days at SCI-Benedictine. One, called teaching b/log at http://teachinglogspot.blogspot.com/, I reopened to archive miscellaneous political links as the privatization of public schools and other right-wing trends grew increasingly disturbing in 2014.

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